Have you ever heard of VAPE CARTS?

Have you ever heard of VAPE CARTS?

Have you ever heard of VAPE CARTS? CART (cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript) peptides are neuromodulators that are involved in feeding, drug reward, stress, cardiovascular function, and bone remodeling. CART peptides are abundant but discretely distributed in the brain, pituitary and adrenal glands, pancreas, and gut. High expression of CART in discrete hypothalamic nuclei associated with feeding has led to behavioral and pharmacological studies that strongly support an anorectic action of CART in feeding. Subsequent studies on humans and transgenic animals provide additional evidence that CART is important in the regulation of appetite as mutations in the CART gene are linked to eating disorders, including obesity and anorexia.

The expression of CART in the mesolimbic dopamine circuit has lead to functional studies demonstrating CART’s psychostimulant-like effects on locomotor activity and conditioned place preference in rats. These and other findings demonstrated that CART modulates mesolimbic dopamine systems and affects psychostimulant-induced reward and reinforcing behaviors.

Have you ever heard of VAPE CARTS?

Furthermore, the link between CART and psychostimulants was substantiated by demonstrating alterations of the CART system in human cocaine addicts. Also, CART seems to regulate the mesolimbic dopamine system, which serves as a common mechanism of action for both feeding and addiction. Indeed, recent studies that demonstrated CART projections from specific hypothalamic areas associated with feeding to specific mesolimbic areas linked to reward/motivation behaviors provide evidence that CART may be an important connection between food- and drug-related rewards.

Given the enormous public health burden of both obesity and drug addiction, future studies exploring the pharmacotherapies targeting CART peptide represent an exciting and challenging research area.

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